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Omg its me, don't go blind now children. Warning... i am the bandwidth monster RAWRAWRRRRRRR

Pict00r of me.

Pict00r of my b00bs, i mean shirt

...Geek Stats...

Once my tattoo was on 8-bit theatre... I was so happy I wet myself... go me!

So you want to know what's at my desk. I run a PC: Athlon 2400+, 512 mb of ddr ram expandable up to 3gb (GIMME RAM haha), 80 gb hard drive, Motherboard- M7NCG w/2 integrated IEEE 1397 ports, Video Card- Integrated nVidia nforce 2, 52x54x52 IDE with Cd burner, DVD player, 6 in 1 memory card reader, Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard dueo, a pretty pretty case, 19 inch HUGE ass old monitor Also a MAC: g4 with duel 800s, 17 inch flat screen monitor. To take all my perty pictures I use a FugiFilm Finepix 2650 2.0 MP Digital Camera.

I love my computer <3333333333 <3<3<3<3
Oh Oh, and some FF7 and FFX-2 and Red Skull and and and wolverine action figures. And a pile of Fantastic 4 comics and strangers in paradise.

Beside my desk :

Mmm Video Games. Ive been playing them since i was 3, i like the video games. I collect consoles I have a SMS, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Dream Cast, NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, X-box, Game Gear, Atari 10 in 1, PsOne, Ps2 and a GBA! Anyways.. you get the point. I like video games LOLZ!

Oh yeah and heres one of my video game tattoos... black mage will eat your ass mofo!!!!!!

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You're such a geek you should probably be a mod and be done with it. Probably.

I <3 your tattoo a lot, so I'm going with YES, but. Despite the plethora of ThinkGeek stuff you have around. What do you actually ... do? I mean, play video games yes, what else?
I spend all my time reading comics, doing graphic design on my mac, editing videos, playing video games, I also do all my moms computer work for her home business, running stupid programs, dealing with all the other crap, I webmaster some sites, (Including a tattoo site so i get my tattoos free, yeeeeah haw), I'm really into business and working on starting my own... and.... yup yup, My fav is being a evil capitalist!!! Haha! I'm not currently in school right now due to some unfortunate stuff (I'm 18) butt, I am working my ass off to get back in the swing of things and I'm going to be taking network admin, prog, or graphic design... cant really decide... i wanna take them all

Ps: The shirt is the only think geek thing... I got the sticker off ebay, and the letters I got from Ikea... mua h aah
Ach, alright. Cool beans. I mostly want to know for my own edification.
Is that so?
how come?
Because I'm always curious about who comes to post on these nonugly communities, and what people define as "Geek". Technically the word means someone who bites the heads off of live chickens, you see, but the word's clearly evolved. Video games are so widespread now that bullies play them constantly and they're not even slightly uncool. You know. All the usual.

I'm a cultural studies and studio art major. I can't help myself, really.
I used to get beat up in highschool everyday
The nerds wouldnt hang out with me due to being afraid to be less popular......... i was 265 pounds and 5'4
Go me.
Suck! I just horrified my girl's school and generally misbehaved and liked computers and things. And from there evolved into a horrifically over-the-top pop-culture girl. *shrug* That's life, hey?