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could i PLEASE join????

hi i would like to join!!
can i?

ummmm to prove that im a geek ill find a geekie photo.... a really sexy one...
ummm i guess im a geek because im soooooooo addicted to going on my computer that i get withdrawl symptoms when im away from it and for about an hour... oh you kno the usual: short tempered, see my inbox on walls, start thinking i can here "mouses" clicking, shaking hands, feel cold, curl up in a ball and start rocking in the corner of a room. all very normal.
yeh i also do maths and physics but i dont really care about that stuff its just what i happen to be sortof good at, i was in a class with only three people doing physics coz no one else wanted to do it... it was fun!!!
what else? oh the longest ive ever had a boyfriend was like 2 weeks, and then i dumped him coz he liked me too much it was strange. i didnt really like him.
hmmmm the amout of time i spend on the computer is unhealthy.
yeh another geeky thing about me is that i seem to have made up an entire world of my own, in which me and my best friend are called "vout"(me) and "vin"(my friend) and those of you who do physics will notice that its V out and V in like in circuits and stuff... yeh and it includes characters we made up as our boyfriends "genius" and "brainchild" and the guy who we get paper from "ken"... yeh i also, with the help of vin, write stories about the lives of my teachers (all imaginary of course)
ummmm yeh i cant think of anything else...

ill put my pics in some comments coz ive gotta find some now... hmmmmmmm
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