{stuck in the middle with you.} (someplacexsafe) wrote in nonugly_geeks,
{stuck in the middle with you.}

Name: Amanda.
Age: 14. Soon to be 15 on June 29th.

Image of Me:
Image of Something I Love:
(Yeah, I love Harry Potter everything.)

Geek Stats:

I like Sailor Moon, HARRY POTTER, writing stories, reading, eBay, iPod, Dance Dance Revolution, photography, soaking in the bathtub, writing fanfiction, roleplaying, choir, JPop, watching television, playing GameCube, chinese takeout, knitting, sleeping, drawing, poetry, language class, and correcting people. I've been in choir for four years (Sixth grade was the only time we could start). I'm in the Photography Club. I'm going to get braces next month. I'm scared about taking Driver's Ed this summer and I can't wait to get my new notebooks and stuff for school next year.

My first "REAL" friend was when I was in seventh grade. Her name is Laticia and she's a lot like me. Sorta.

I spend every waking minute sucked into the internet. It's my haven.
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