Steppin' Razor (mayet) wrote in nonugly_geeks,
Steppin' Razor

Geek Stats:

Name: Valerie
Age: 17

Sample of the Geekness:

-went to Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers semi-costumed, waited for seven hours, four of which in hail (didn't move under the awning so as to not lose third space in line)while at the same time studying for a chem final which was the next day. We had lembas and fried tomatoes and everything. It was awesome.

-repeated this for Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, only had kick-ass, hand sewn Elf gowns; boyfriend dressed up as A Ringwraith. We were so the Galadriel/Ringwraith OTP.

-started video games on Sega, graduated to PS, and now to X-box. I enjoy the Spyro the Dragon games. Where else do you get to flame sheep and laugh diabolically?

-made up an internation geek symbol and spread it to Australia. Its other name is the Anubis...not sure why.

-speaking of Egyptian gods, I've played Riddle of the Sphinx with my great geek of a friend, and am working on the sequel The Omega Stone.

-taught myself heiroglyphics freshman year

-I'm also a theater geek, if that sort of thing counts. I spent more time in the theater for three months last spring than I spent at home, and that is not any sort of exagerration. We were doing Honk!, which happens to be a play Chris Rankin (percy, HP) was in, although our costumes kicked their costumes butts.

-admitted Harry Potter fan, was in five RPs at one time, had to quit because of school, drama, and Academic Decathalon

-Academic Decathalon. We won county and are going to State. I took second in the county for the B-team.

-I plan in majoring in film and becoming a director.

*promotes St. Ives*

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