Aden (falseaidoru) wrote in nonugly_geeks,

Newbie, wooo!

Just call me Addiy
I'm 18 and from VA!
Don't be fooled by my numerous friends, my ability to type without using "lol" or "omfg!!11!!11!one!2!" alone proves my geekdom.

1. I can actually use an lj-cut!
2. Anime is not my god, but it is my lovah.
3. After my Neil Gaiman and Orson Scott Card books.
4. But before my new obsession with Harry Potter.
5. However, I actually write fanfiction and draw fan art for HP.
6. And WANT to get a gold and crimson tie and scarf.
7. Or else blue and bronze.
8. I took random picture just for you lovely people!
9. I know what XD and ^^ mean and use them constantly.
10. I have 5 (2 LJ and 3 GJ) RP journals (Harry Potter)
11. I have an Elfwood, DeviantArt, and every whateverjournal accounts I can find.
12. Monty Python is my other lovah.
13. I like the number 13!

I'm a theatre geek for years now. I like reading and writing and making icons and journal layouts! I was in advanced math all through high school, but barely passed Pre-Cal. This is why college will mean avoiding actual math at all costs. I haven't named my computer, but I refer to her as her and constantly yell as if it had a personality and intelligence... which it does.

Here's me!

Here's one of my favorite shirts!

And my second favorite socks!

My first favorite are Hello Kitty.

I did take pictures for you lovely people, but I can't find my digicam connection cord. Did I mention I loose lose things?

...And can't spell?

*points at icon* Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere mini series that only aired in Britain. I WILL see it, even if it supposedly did kinda suck from what I've heard. I loved the book.

Am I cool enough to be a geek?

<33333 daaaaaaahling (just kidding)

edit: As I type this and goof off online, my (bro's) X-Box is paused.
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