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Hate me.

Scares even me.
"1 self deprecating image."
I love the northwest and the ferry ride home from Seattle. I usually end up sitting by myself on the north side of the ferry. I always end up listening to my Powerman 5000 CD magically it appears in my cd player every time I am coming back from Seattle.
"1 image of something you love"(person, animal, object, etc."

My geekdoms...
Ok I guess I am a geek because I do weird random things constantly
I laugh whenever I hear the word face in normal every day context and I say FACE in many situations that don't fit. I once laughed for about 2 minutes straight because the floor at a venue was sticky. In computer class the teacher talks about computers and me and my friends laugh so hard because it all sounds like innuendo and it only gets worse when he uses analogies. I go to dances and I am the first one on the dance floor and the last one off I am as white as you can get and I don't care. The last day of school last year my friends went to the lake and they had planned it I found out last second so I went anyways I ended up going in my underwear and running around the park in it there were so many families their it was pretty hilarious and the girls who cheered were crazy.

...and geek stats.
WIS:75 (average 17 year old has about a 35)

Hmm or:
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6FT 2IN
Weight: 200 LBS
DOB: 01-18-1987

//Boring Stuff//

01) (Real) Name:Cory Thee "John Kershaw"

02) Nickname(s):Corker (First 3 of first name(cor) first 3 of last
name (ker) and then a 2 digit number in front of that and that is our
school sign in name since I am a computer geek I am in a lot of classes
that I need to sign in and it stuck though I am a domain admin now so I
changed it to 3nder.(any orson scot card fans??)

03) Birthday & age:Jan 18th 1987 I will turn 18, 18 days into the year
2005. (I am 17..)

04) Where do you come from?: Bremerton, Washington.

05) Gender (be creative):My Genitalia are on the outside of my body.
I am a idiot er.. I mean male.

06) What is your favorite color?:Hmm crimson, Gray would be say it was
a color a nice blue/purple color scheme is nice also a green/gold...

//A Little More Interesting//

07) What kind of music do you like?:Hmm I like everything but the bad
stuff and don't consider it music if I don't like it umm I am a big
music lover let's see on the top of my list right now is Franz
Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, The go away dog and we are not a car,
The Metric, Muse, The Network, The Violent Femmes, SOAD, Drowning Pool,
Ramstien, PUSA, Cake, Reel big fish, Greenday, Beastie boys, Dogs die in hot cars, Nirvana, Eve, Weezer, Joan Jet, The Blood Brothers, The Hives, The White Stripes, Flogging Molly, Johnny Cash, Men Without Hats, Junior Senior, Louis XIV, Dresdin Dolls, William Shatner, Primus, Le Tigre,

08) If you made music, what kind would it be?:Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock,
Indy, Ska ... anything good.

09) What is/are your favorite book(s)?:LOTR, The Hobbit, The
Similarian, Something wicked this way comes, The Rats of Nymh, Salem's
lot, All of the Ender's Game/ Ender' Shadow series, Mossflower, Young Jedi Knights, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, All cs lewis books I have read, Orson Scot Card, Psi-man Series, Digital Fortress, So many obscure titles I forget the titles of at the moment ugh.

10) What magazines do you read? (If you don't read any, make up a good
one):PC gamer, Animerica, New type, Game Informer, PSM, Playstation

11) What is/are your favorite movie(s)?:Vampire hunter D, The
Animatrix, matrix, fight club, The Shreks, The Toy Stories, Red vs Blue, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Dark Crystal, Labrynth, Star Wars, Space Balls, Forest Gump, Napoleon Dynamite, Glory, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen, The Harry Potters, The Hulk, The Spidermans, Hellboy, The X-Mens', LOTR, Stargate SG1, Tremors, Willy Wonka, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Donnie Darko, Dumb and Dumber, Office Space, etc etc...

12) What is/are your favorite TV show(s)?:Samurai Jack, Gilmore Girls,
Smallsville, The Batman, Whos line is it anyway?, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw
Star, Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, Dilbert, Reboot, Malcom in The Middle, Freaks and Geeks, Pimp My Ride, Cribs, Sponge Bob, Grim and
Evil, King of Queens, Stargate SG1, The Wonder Years, Law & Order, Boy
Meets World, Invader Zim, etc etc.

13) If you could be on any show, what would it be? (Or you can make one
up):Pimp my ride.

14) Favorite pastime(s)/hobbies?:Video Games, Computers, Camping,
Internet, local shows, swimming, reading, writing, drawing, photography, movie watching, dancing, singing(none for anything besides fun) etc etc.

15) What is/are your favorite food(s)?:Chicken pizza, Chicken burgers,
BBQ whiskey chicken burger, cheese cake, Bacon, French toast, steak,
elephant ears, fair corn dogs(not a brand has to be a actual fair
corndog) rodeo burgers, chicken/rice/bean/cheese burrito, beer batter
fries, curly fries, onion rings, bbq doritos, reeses, most anything
hamburger helper, chicken soup, crunchy taco, toasted sub, etc etc.

//Time To Win your Hearts//

16) Quick! Make a wish! (Even though it may not come
true if you tell us):I wish for whatever I would wish for if I knew
everything.(umm ok then if thats cheap I wish for me and my friends to be successful and content.)

17) Make us laugh (joke/story/anything):OK so whats the difference
between a Scotsman and a angel?
An angel says "Hey you get off my cloud!!"
A scotsman says"HEY MCCLOUD GET OFF MY EWE!!"

18) Tell us something very interesting about yourself:Hmm One time I
ran through a park in my underwear... ok so not streaking but I was
chasing a guy with my clothes(it was staged and pretty awesome)

19) Do you have any special powers? (If not, what special powers would
you like to have?):I would like To be a jedi master with eternal youth
and the ability to give it to others or just be able to freeze time

20) Define the word wiggle:Too move about in a random fashion

21) Quick! Pirates or ninjas?:PIRATES(sorry ninjas pirates prape
pillage AND PLUNDER its kind of like a party with chips AND DIP just too good to pass up.

22) Why do you want to join, and what will you bring here:I want to
join because you guys are amazing and I'm not a kiss ass so I won't
bring money but I will bring me.

23) Post 3 or more pictures of something that you think will interest
us. And it cannot be of yourself, family, or friends!

Best black man ever
tax money spent well
Didn't think they could do anything to make me want to buy it more but they did.
Angry AZN
Don't ask don't tell
My Japanese Teacher Approves
Best thing you could ever see in a AIM window.
I don't think the hippo could take gimli

//Word Association//

24) Banana: fanna fo fanna be bi bonnan fe fi fo fanna

25) Sand: Glass/ uncomfortable shoes

26) Fluffy:kitten/furby

27) Kablam:umm super naked man from super action heros that show on

29) Muggle:a HUUman

30) Super:Man clark kent the man of steel

31) Eraser:pink erasers the one my art teacher never had

32) Sponge:cake/bob

//What's Going On In Your Head (Opinions)//

How do you feel about... (put some thought into

33) Self-mutilation (self-cutting):I wish people didn't have to
resort to it but I guess I can't talk someone out of doing something
like that I know they most likely really don't want to do it but they
should get help

34) Aliens:Need to get to work/most likely excist

35) Pre-marital sex:Hmm can't stop yah don't see much harm in it if
your safe and smart about it

36) South Park:that place over in tacoma? OH ok yah its ok

37) Michael Jackson: Awesome dancer. good music. lets leave it at

38) Hunting: I would if it were evenly matched but supposedly thats
cruelty where shooting a buck and messing up the hurd cycle isn't oh
well don't shoot it for anything but food.

39) Anime:lots of good millions more bad

//Answer Some, All, or None

a) What are your favorite video games?:Zelda Series,
Red dead revolver, Halo, Super Smash bros, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart,
Golden eye 64, EverQuest, Morrowind, Neverwinter nights, rayman series,
Final Fantasy, dot hack, xenosaga, fable, etc etc (OH NIGHTS INTO DREAMS

b) How do you feel about movies made from video games?:They often
have really good potential but fail their fans horribly

c) What celebrity do you think is a true dork?:The girl from gilmore
girls or the one who did princess amidala

d) Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?:the 5th TEEN ANGST YES!
I hope he does an anakin

e) If you were to attend Hogwarts, what house do you think you would
be in?: RavenClaw every test says so and I really like the idea

f) How well do you think the movies were made in comparison to the
books?: Apples and oranges both were just fun

g) What makes you giggle?:saying FACE.

h) Which Lord of the Rings character is your favorite?:Tom Bombadil
but for those of you with only movie knowledge Gimli

i) If you were a character in The Lord of the Rings, what race would
you be?: Oh most definately Bear Man. Or again dwarf for movie goers

j) Do you prefer the books or the movies?:Movies can be done with
friends so that when I am being social and books are good for
disapearing acts

k) Did you play Dance Dance Revolution before it became popular and
look like a fool?: I watched friends play it before it was in the states
and decided id never play it so I banned it from my library before it
was imported !!

l) Which pokémon is your favorite?: lets see eevee or ditto or
charizard or mew or mew-two Meh

(*Required) - Please post at least 4 pictures of yourself

(unphotoshopped). Have at least: 1 funny picture, 1 serious picture, and

3 must show your entire face.

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