Sweaves (sweaves) wrote in nonugly_geeks,

my app-li-ca-ti-ation

Name: Sam
Nickname: Sweaves
Age: 19
DOB: 11-21-1985
Location: G-Town, MA

Its me after a reallly late night concert

...i dont have any pictures of anything i love

Trigun, especially Wolfwood
Math (I tested out of all the college math courses... she said my placement scores were the highest shes seen in 2 years)
Music (I play piano and Bass guitar)

Geek Stats
Age of first friend: 16
Where did i meet the first friend? Church trip
Why? I was the only other guy in the church, so they made me go on the trip so that this other guy could go.
I had to dress up as Mr Tumnas from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

The power went out in my house one night... i woke up every 2 hours because i thought i heard my computer booting back up and got excited. When the power was finally restored again, i was late to my next class because i felt the need to boot my computer up, get online, and check to see if i got any email (of course not, i lost power at 10 the night and got power back at noon, while everyone was at school)

i feel the need to check all my internet bookmarks every hour "just in case anything changed"

i had braces for about 3 years, and headgear for about half of that time

i spend every free second i have online

oh, and ive never had a girlfriend
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